Recently Approved Projects

Grant title: Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Water Resources Education Programs
Grant number: 2016.1697
Recipient: Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Project manager: Maria Affhalter
Grant period: March 15, 2017–January 31, 2019
Grant amount: $25,000

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Water Resources Education Program will build on the success of the experiential learning–based Watershed Academy program (previously funded by the GLFT) by engaging 300 middle school students in a foundation-laying program of watershed experiences focused on local issues and stewardship of water resources.


Grant title: Classroom with a Current Watershed Laboratory
Grant number: 2016.1694
Recipient: Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation
Project manager: Stephanie Ogren
Grant period: April 1, 2017–March 31, 2018
Grant amount: $59,742

The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) will enhance its programming to allow a large audience to experience hands-on watershed education. The GRPM Classroom with a Current will continue to develop as a hub of information related to watershed ecology. In addition, new laboratory-based programming, as well as summer camp adventures, will explore watershed concepts. By incorporating artifacts and object-based discovery into watershed education, the GRPM will provide a local context to Great Lakes watershed themes.


Grant title: Northeast Michigan’s Great Lakes Fishery Heritage
Grant number: 2016.1683
Recipient: Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan
Project manager: Christine Witulski
Grant period: April 1, 2017–April 1, 2018
Grant amount: $10,000

The Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan will engage in a planning project to further develop its planned Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage exhibit, which will depict Michigan’s fishing heritage from the pre-Columbian period to today.

Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

Grant title: Hayes Township Park Camp Sea-Gull Fishing Pier
Grant number: 2016.1673
Recipient: Hayes Township, Charlevoix County
Project manager: Marlene Golovich
Grant period: May 1, 2017–September 1, 2018
Grant amount: $234,000

Hayes Township in Charlevoix County will construct a 170-foot public fishing pier in order to create shoreline fishing access to Lake Charlevoix. The pier will be located at Hayes Township Park/Camp Sea-Gull, which is situated on the north shore of Lake Charlevoix and is centrally located between Boyne City and the city of Charlevoix.


Grant title: Black Creek Shore Fishing Access—Lake St. Clair Metropark
Grant number: 2016.1667
Recipient: Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority
Project manager: Michelle Nichols
Grant period: January 1, 2017–October 31, 2017
Grant amount: $58,500

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority will construct a universally accessible shore-based fishing access platform on Black Creek in Lake St. Clair Metropark in Macomb County. The fishing platform will serve a popular shore-based fishing area just upstream of where Black Creek meets Lake St. Clair.


Grant title: Boyne City Public Fishing Pier
Grant number: 2016.1665
Recipient: City of Boyne City
Project manager: Patrick Kilkenny
Grant period: January 1, 2017–June 15, 2017
Grant amount: $47,000

The City of Boyne City will construct a public fishing pier in Lake Charlevoix through a public/private partnership that includes a 50 percent match from local businesses. The pier will be approximately 190 feet in length and located immediately southwest of the mouth of the Boyne River. It will be complemented by existing public restrooms, parks and parking, and a direct connection to the city’s downtown. The pier will allow anglers of all experience levels and physical abilities to fish safely and conveniently.

Special Projects

Grant title: Making Restoration Investments Count in the Lake Michigan Basin
Grant number: 2016.1677
Recipient: National Wildlife Federation, on behalf of the Healing Our Waters Coalition
Project manager: Jennifer Hill
Grant period: January 1, 2017–December 31, 2017
Grant amount: $100,000

The Healing our Waters–Great Lakes Coalition is improving the health of the Great Lakes through its Priority Area Implementation Program, which addresses historic threats to the lakes through on-the-ground restoration work. The project provides capacity-building grants to local and state nonprofit organizations, with priority given to Lake Michigan basin sites, to help applicants successfully implement restoration projects through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


Grant title: Great Lakes Stewardship to Stop Asian Carp
Grant number:
Recipient: National Wildlife Federation
Project manager: Marc Smith
Grant period: January 1, 2017–December 31, 2019
Grant amount: $200,000

The National Wildlife Federation will lead a collaborative effort to develop and launch a strategic education and communications campaign to inform the public about the threat Asian carp pose to the Great Lakes and about advancing solutions that will be the most effective to  prevent carp from entering the Great Lakes.